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Welcome to my home on the net. I guess you have reached this site to know more about me. I think a nice way to know a person without meeting personally is through interview. So here are some excerpts from the interview that was broadcast on my personal channel and guess what............... watched only by me!


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I have not heard much about you, so could you introduce yourself?

I am a budding filmmaker based in Mumbai, India. I am also a computer software professional with 15+ years experience in the IT industry with some of the best MNCs in various parts of the world. But now I have made my passion viz. Filmmaking my full-time profession.

Could you explain the reason for the change in profession? Didn't you enjoy your IT job?

I enjoyed my IT job very much and still enjoy programming, but at the same time I was dissatisfied because I was not able to pursue my passions - photography and filmmaking related activities, due to lack of spare time while doing my job in IT. So I had to take the tough decision of choosing either of the two professions.

Isn't it a big risk to change profession that too in Media & Entertainment Industry?

Yes indeed it is a huge risk especially at my age and that too with full family to support. But I enjoyed full support of my wife Sharmistha and other family members and I have full confidence in my abilities, thus was able to take this decision without much hesitation. I think taking such risks makes life more interesting and adventurous, though not at the cost of causing big hardships to family members.

What made you choose filmmaking and photography as your profession, while quitting a lucrative career in IT industry? Is it the Glamor associated with films that attracted you?

You may say that I was, or still am, crazy...! As I have mentioned, Photography and Filmmaking related activities are my passions. I did not want to wait till my next life in a new avatar to pursue my passions, so I decided to quit my IT job and devote full time working on my passions. No, it isn't the Glamor associated with films that attracted me as I am more interested in the craft of filmmaking most of which are de-glamorized and done behind the scenes.

In your opinion how important is it to get trained formally in the art of filmmaking? Have you undergone any formal training in filmmaking?

There are several aspects of filmmaking - artistic, technical, business etc. As far as artistic aspect is concerned, in my humble opinion, most important ingredients to excel in any form of art are - in-born natural talent, real urge, passion and perseverance to pursue it whatever it takes. Without these ingredients, no amount of training can make anyone an artiste in true sense. Formal training can only polish or enhance the artistic skills to some extent, but not mandatory. There are so many examples of artistes excelling without any formal training because they have those ingredients.

For the technical and business aspects of filmmaking, it is important to gain knowledge either by attending good film schools or through self learning using various means like books, Internet, Software etc. Formal training may also indirectly help in networking with Industry professionals and provide the stepping stone into the industry.

As far as my own training in filmmaking is concerned, I have undergone formal training in film Direction and Cinematography from a reputed private institute in Mumbai, India. The hands-on expertise I have in other fields like Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects etc are all gained through years of self-learning out of my own interest.

Which particular activity of the filmmaking process do you like the most?

It is difficult to pinpoint any particular activity as I have varied interests in almost all the activities related to filmmaking - Direction, Cinematography, Video/Film Editing, Sound editing and mixing, Visual Effects, still Photography etc. I have hands-on expertise in each of them and enjoy doing most of the things myself practically.

What kind of films do you like making?

I am interested in almost all kinds of films/videos - Feature films, Short films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Commercials, Travel videos etc. I also enjoy still photography.

What is your favorite genre of films?

None in particular. For me a film or for that matter any art form has to be entertaining, pleasing to the senses and titillating the emotions. So irrespective of genre, I like films as long as they meet those criteria and crafted artistically to perfection. I also like so called "Art films" as long as they are realistic and cinematic in presentation and not intellectually challenging to understand.

Who is your favorite film director and whose works do you really hate?

I really don't have any favorite Director or for that matter any other personalities related to filmmaking. There have been so many great directors in the past and there are many present generation directors doing some great works. I am not so "Intellectual" as to criticize other's works. But, frankly speaking I have failed to understand some works that have been hailed as great works by "Intellectuals".

Who is your favorite Actor and who is at the bottom of your list of favorites?

My answer to this question is same as previous one. You know now that I am trying to be diplomatic and politically as not to please some and offend others.

Now some questions not related to filmmaking. What are your other hobbies and interests?

My other interests include Music (used to play a little bit of Tabla once upon a time in childhood), Travelling, Internet surfing mostly for self-learning on topics of my interests, web designing etc.

What kind of music do you like?

I like all types of music irrespective of the language and style as long as it is MUSIC and not NOISE...

Which countries have you traveled to so far?

Owing to my IT job I have lived in USA, Japan, Singapore and India. I have also traveled to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal.

Where did you spend your childhood?

I was born in Kolkata, India but was brought up in various states of India like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab due to my father's job.

Which is your favorite book?

I don't have any as I hardly read books. I'm more interested in gaining knowledge through Internet on various topics of interest even if they are in bits and pieces.

I'm getting bored now, so probably we would continue some other day.

Thanks God you got bored so soon and the interview is over... but no more sessions please...!

Anyway thanks for spending your valuable time learning more about me. If you have any other specific question to ask me please use the Contact link from the menu. You can also contact me for any film/video production related requirements through the Creative Cine Art site.

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